I had the privilege and pleasure of spending time with Biz Stone (co founder of Twitter , Medium.com  and JELLY )

Biz shared his amazing journey one that is truly inspirational! (I strongly recommend the purchase of his book "Things a little bird told me"


I took an immense amount of value from the day, learned a huge amount and really resonated with Biz's background, it reminded me a lot of my own.

The 4 key things I learned from Biz were;

  • The power of storytelling
  • The importance of being optimistic
  • The need to pick your focus 
  • You should be excited about your idea/s


We also discussed Peace Tech and the work that my team and I are doing to help build the Technology/ Start Up eco system in Northern Ireland.

I was born in Northern Ireland and left at 4 years old, but my heart has never left!

22 years in to the peace process,  Northern Ireland is a very complex place, the best way to describe this is that still waters run deep and there is still very much to do to create cohesion and collaboration.

"At Peace Tech we believe that the key to sustainable peace in Northern Ireland is a stronger economy and technology will be the key to achieving this"

Our mission is simple:

"To use technology to create unity and opportunities for all in Northern Ireland"

If you would like to learn more about Peace Tech please get in touch via the website.... www.peacetech.co.uk